If you enjoy Pilates and are seeking a workout that will maximize your time in class, Reformer Classes are a perfect fit. Using a top of the line STOTT PILATES Reformer, your Pilates workout is enhanced with eccentric and concentric resistance, three-dimensional movement and total musculoskeletal conditioning. Your final result is a total body workout that builds muscle, conditioning, toning and cardio endurance.

At Windham Pilates & Wellness Center, our reformer classes are offered privately, semi-privately or in Group Sessions of up to four students. Space is limited in our Group Sessions, so reservations are required. Please contact us about availability and reserving your space.

Classes are geared to accommodate all fitness levels. For Group Reformer Sessions, familiarity with the equipment is required, so please contact us about scheduling your orientation session.

Please refer to our schedule for available Group class times.

To book an open spot today, click here.