Nutrition Counseling

Our customized, private nutrition programs combine education, technology and convenient personal coaching to assist with effectively achieving and maintaining nutritional and activity goals. Whether for weight control, muscle building for athletic competition or to deal with health-related issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes or other chronic illnesses, our nutrition program is custom designed for your specific metabolic and lifestyle needs.


Weight Control

Using scientifically proven weight control methods, our program provides you with the ability to create a realistic and achievable lifestyle approach to weight control. You will learn how to eat and live healthier, in a way that is realistic to maintain. Our weight control program provides more than a vehicle for weight loss. We deliver a reasonable plan for a healthier lifestyle that you and your family will be able to continue for a lifetime.

Athletic Conditioning

Whether training for a marathon, preparing for a bucket-list excursion to the peak of Mt. Everest, or just working toward specific targets of muscle mass density, our custom nutrition program will help you to focus on bringing the right balance of calories to your diet to meet your goals. Our Registered Dietitian will help you achieve the best results with a program that combines your needs and aspirations with the reality of your lifestyle

Chronic Health Issues

From diabetes to heart disease and high blood pressure to Celiac disease, our Registered Dietitian is highly qualified to work with your doctors to devise a plan for a healthier diet. No matter what the health challenge, we have the expertise and experience to create a program that is realistic for your lifestyle but also best for your health needs.



A truly effective weight loss program starts with information that is personalized for you. Our Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) evaluation and nutritional consultation will provide you with data specific for your needs so that you can build a diet and exercise plan tailored to your unique body chemistry.


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