Understanding the Keto Diet: Is it right for you?


The Keto Diet has become increasingly popular in the last year. Many of our clients have been asking questions about the implications and lifestyle of Keto. We decided to tell you everything you need to know before trying it out!

This Keto plan puts the body into ketosis, which burns the stored fat in one’s body. Though the diet is a quick way to lose weight, it is very strict. The diet consists of very high fat, low carb, and moderate protein intakes.

More specifically, of your total calories you would be eating 75% fat, 5% carbs (one banana), and 20% protein.

This diet is not something you can cheat on either. If you stray away from the strict day to day plan your body will come out of ketosis and the diet will be ineffective.

The Keto diet is very strict and rigid. Eating out and social eating will be very difficult.

This diet requires a huge commitment, and all people are different. Some might have zero trouble following this plan, and some might have major difficulties.

Before trying this diet make sure to consult with a dietitian and do your research! Our nutritionist at Windham Pilates is happy to help!

Written by, Noreen Gallo R.D

Riley McInnis