Try the 16-week total body transformation challenge with Isagenix!


The IsaBody challenge will help you transform your body and life by helping you reach your full potential. This is a great way to embark on your own fitness journey or challenge yourself to try something new. Using Isagenix products that can be purchased through our website or in our studio, you will embark on a journey to change your life. 

To start, you will submit four “before” photos to Isagenix, or stop by the studio where we can take them for you and help you get started. You will then start your journey by using Isagenix products for 16 weeks. At the end of your 16-week challenge you will submit a short reflection and “after” photos. If you would like, stop by the studio and we can take those for you as well. 

Sometimes it can be hard to know if you’re really making significant changes with a program. But as you progress through the Isagenix program, you will see your body transform through the regular weigh ins that are part of the challenge. More than just a weight loss challenge, this is an opportunity to reset your life and meet your goals, while embracing a healthy lifestyle. 

But rewards don’t end with your AFTER photos… Isagenix awards winners of the IsaBody Challenge with the chance to win a share of over $1,000,000 in money, prizes, and trips. Ready to get started? Contact Susan for more information.

Riley McInnis