Classes You Can’t Miss: HALO and POP Pilates

Have you tried our POP Pilates and HALO Trainer Classes?

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Taught by certified instructors, our HALO and POP Pilates classes will help you get the most out of your work out! HALO and POP Pilates are unique workout classes that tone and shape your body in shocking ways by shredding fat and building muscle, ensuring safety and an amazing class. At our studio, we believe in continuously offering  innovative and exciting options so that YOU continue to love your workouts. 

The HALO Trainer is a revolutionary ergonomic device to help you target specific muscle groups. HALO classes are unique in that they keep your core engaged throughout the entire workout. Using the HALO Trainer, you will perform low bearing exercises with little wrist fatigue, allowing you to get the most out of your workout. Alice and Susan, our certified STOTT HALO instructors, focus on endurance and strength training to get you optimal results. 

POP Pilates is another great way to build lean muscle and get a good sweat in! Coined by famous fitness instructor Cassey Ho, POP Pilates is a combination of Pilates and dance moves that continuously move to the rhythm of  popular songs; making the class all the more enjoyable. This combination allows for the ideal body weight workout sure to leave you feeling sweaty and accomplished!

Jen Leclerc teaches our POP Pilates class and has received her certification as a POP Pilates and NAFC Group Fitness Instructor. She started Pilates after her daughter was born and fell in love with the fun and challenging workout with POP Pilates. Check out our Instagram (@windham_pilates) to see our featured video of Jen!

Riley McInnis