Why is Barre Class so effective?


Have you ever wondered how ballet dancers are able to achieve the long, lean lines they consistently seem to have? The answer is in the type of exercise regime they practice regularly… known as barre.

At Windham Pilates, our Barre Classes are extremely effective in developing leaner looking muscles by developing core strength while enhancing flexibility. Through isometric exercises and small movements, these workouts borrow key aspects from the routines used by ballet dancers to shape the common trouble zones of the female body - hips, glutes, thighs, and core. Additional strength training benefits are gained through the use of light hand weights, bands and weighted balls.

Barre workouts are definitely one of our more challenging classes due to the fact that they are targeting the tiny muscles that are not frequently used in day to day life. After each class, students feel their muscles begin to strengthen and tighten. Each Barre class is designed to improve all areas of your body without lifting heavy weights or developing muscle mass. Instead, you are contributing to weight loss and changes in your body composition.

Our Barre Classes

Our Power Pilates Core Barre class is a mat based workout with the incorporation of the ballet barre. It is designed to develop leaner, longer-looking muscles. Core Barre is a full-body workout, with an emphasis on toning the midsection.

Class Times


7:30 AM with Alice

8:30 AM with Alice


6:15 PM with Mary


6:00 AM with Alice

Riley McInnis