Finding Her Niche: Priscilla Tomes

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Health and fitness journeys are more often than not, a rollercoaster ride. Finding which exercises and classes are most effective on your body type, experiencing physical and mental changes, and keeping a consistent routine that makes you happy and motivated while exercising. It takes time and energy to learn each of these aspects of health and fitness, but eventually you will find your niche. 

Priscilla Tomes joined our studio several years ago and took group exercise classes initially, but she decided to take reformer classes last year. She’s such a fan of reformer that she introduced her good friend, Rachelle, to start taking reformer classes with her at the studio.

We decided to ask Priscilla why she enjoys Windham Pilates, and what others can learn from her health journey.

“I decided to join Windham Pilates and Wellness Center because of the variety of classes that are offered, and that they seemed age-appropriate for me. I’ve tried several different types of classes and think I found my niche with the reformer. I’ve noticed that my body has toned since attending the reformer class two times a week for a few months now, and I already can feel myself getting stronger.
 Sometimes I find it can be challenging to motivate myself when I attend classes alone, but since joining with my friend Rachelle, I have noticed a serious change in my motivation and class participation.
Alice and Susan our trainers, could not be more supportive by contouring the classes based on our ability, and yet encouraging us to push ourselves to our greatest potential.
I have not been able to say that I truly enjoyed working out until I started taking reformer at Windham Pilates with my friend. We actually look forward to going to the studio and working out with the fun and friendly women that we have met in these classes. I’d highly recommend others to give the reformer a try.”  
- Priscilla Tomes
Riley McInnis