Healthy Eating for the Holidays


Preparing for the holiday season is hard for many of us. Feeding your whole family, as well as making healthy choices for your own meals can be difficult. You don’t have to give up your favorite holiday treats or completely avoid every bite of stuffing to have a healthy holiday. You just need, to incorporate healthy and nutritious options during the holiday season to balance out the simple pleasures you want to enjoy.

5 Tips to a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season

This holiday season, use these five tips to help stay on track, even while indulging in the holiday spirit.

  1. Eat Breakfast. Some people refuse to eat breakfast to save calories before eating the long awaited holiday meal - but in fact, you will end up overeating. Start your morning with a nutritious breakfast like an egg-white omelet with veggies.

  2. Offer to Make Dessert.  Bring a healthier version of your favorite treat and share it with everyone.

  3. Divide Your Plate. Fill your plate half with vegetables, one quarter with white turkey meat (or any source of protein), and the rest with a healthy starch (potatoes).

  4. Eat Slowly. As exciting as holiday meals are, eat your dinner slowly by trying to stop to chat in between spoon fulls.

  5. Stay Active. After a long day of preparing, cooking, and eating with the family, head outside and take a walk with everyone.

Still not sure you can do it on your own?
No fear, sign up for a LEAN nutrition session with our Dietician, Noreen Gallo who can help you make a plan for Thanksgiving and beyond.

Want to learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle?

Check out the Windham Pilates Monthly Nutrition Tips in the studio! Authored by our own Noreen Gallo, the Monthly Nutrition Tips poster includes a new recipe every month, seasonal nutritional tips, and a list of the best choices for locally grown fruits and vegetables to check out the next time you’re shopping.

The Windham Pilates Nutrition Tips poster will be on display at the check in desk. For more information about displaying our poster at your office, contact Susan.  

Riley McInnis