Learn How Essential Oils Can Help You


For many, essential oils have an uplifting effect on the mind and body. As a distribution partner with Isagenix, we are proud to showcase their newly introduced line of essential oils: Essence by Isagenix.

Each of the oils are 100% pure and responsibly sourced. Adding some of the most common essential oils like lavender, lemon, peppermint, and tea tree oil to your natural medicine cabinet can help fight cold and flu symptoms, relax your body and mind, heal skin conditions, balance hormones, improve digestion, and reduce cellulite and wrinkles.

How do I use essential oils?

Essential oils are most commonly used in any of three ways:

  1. Apply. Simply apply 1-2 drops of Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil to the skin.

  2. Ingest. Apply 1 drop of consumable Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil to 8fl oz of liquid.
    Note: *Do not consume Airway Blend, Tea Tree, or Eucalyptus Essential Oils*

  3. Diffuse. Add 8-10 drops of desired Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil to the Isagenix Cool Mist Diffuser to fill the room with aromatic goodness.

Essential oils can be used for cooking, cleaning and other topical applications. Methods and recipes can be found online, and we will be sure to include some of our favorites regularly in blog articles over the next few months.

Where can I purchase Essence by Isagenix Essential Oils?


You can pick up two of the most popular Essence by Isagenix Essential Oils in the studio: Lavender and Defense Shield. Lavender provides calming, relaxing, stress relief, bedtime routine, and sleep support. Defense Shield provides immune health, refreshing, and uplifting support.  

You can purchase any of the essential oils online by visiting the Windham Pilates Isagenix website, or call us at (603) 505-4449 to place your essential oil order.

If you’d like to learn more about Essence by Isagenix, email Susan.

Riley McInnis