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We are expanding our offerings to help you in your commitment to creating a healthier life for you and your family.

Join Us for a Lively Panel Discussion of Surviving Menopause: The Role of Nutrition, Hormones and Exercise

Our hormones control nearly every process in our bodies. From our energy levels to our emotions to our immune system, and everything in between, our hormones determine how we feel at any given time. We invite you to join experts Dr. Elise Mercurio, D.O., Noreen Gallo, R.D. and Susan McInnis, M.S. on Monday, February 12th at 7pm, as they discuss how nutrition, exercise and lifestyle can naturally reduce common symptoms associated with menopause, such as weight gain, low energy and hot flashes. Sign up for this interesting and lively discussion by February 5th by contacting us via our website, and you will receive a free gift the night of the event!

Eating Right For the Whole Family

Sometimes our best nutritional intentions are derailed by those we love most — our families. It is often difficult to harness the willpower to keep ourselves on track. We may feel guilty forcing our nutritional goals on the whole family, and when we buy treats for the kids it can feel impossible to resist. Did you know our Registered Dietitian, Noreen Gallo, offers whole family nutritional counseling, where she will visit your house, help you assess how to achieve your goals, and help make the whole family healthier together?  If you’d like to get your whole family eating a healthier diet and achieving a better lifestyle today, contact us to arrange a visit. 


Susan McInnis