How to Do an Isagenix Cleanse

Don’t be intimidated — Learn how to do an Isagenix cleanse, and feel great!

Many of our Isagenix clients have started losing weight and feeling great, but they are a little intimidated by the idea of a cleanse. The word cleanse has many people envisioning horrible tasting concoctions and endless, uncomfortable trips to the bathroom. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s not necessarily so! 

The Isagenix cleanse is a completely different experience, allowing people to enjoy their usual daily activities without interruption or discomfort. This vital step in the Isagenix program helps to detoxify the body, removing impurities that have accumulated from our food and environment, while replenishing the nutrients and vitamins our bodies require. Cleansing can help insulin sensitivity and glucose function in the body as well as reset caloric intake, while reducing cravings and improving energy and efficiency. 

Here, Isagenix nutritionist, Dr. Ina Nozek, outlines the simple steps to follow. Be sure to have the proper materials on hand and to drink plenty of water on your cleanse day. And, as always, we are available if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to clarify before you begin.

Happy cleansing!


Susan McInnis