Strengthen Your Core and Glutes

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STOTT™ Pilates Techniques
with the Stability Ball

For a challenge this month, try the Supine Bridge with Medicine Ball Toss on Stability Ball. This excellent exercise is a great way to strengthen your glutes, core, abdominals and shoulder stability. The supine bridge will improve your endurance through the hip joints, the glutes and your hamstrings, while building core strength because of the unstable surface. Working these foundation-building muscle groups will improve your overall balance and stamina.

As always, pay careful attention to the warnings. Hold the medicine ball above your chest, not above your head. Keep your shoulders and arms straight, and your legs bent at a right angle at the knee. And, when you come back up, be sure to tuck in your chin and walk your legs back to the ball, to protect your neck and spine. 

And, if you’d like, come in and we can work through this exercise together for your first time, to ensure great form and safety.

We hope you enjoy this terrific addition to your practice!


Susan McInnis